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About us

Founded and led since 1988 by pioneering choreographer Siobhan Davies CBE, Siobhan Davies Dance has evolved over the years from a national & international touring dance company into a ground-breaking investigative contemporary arts organisation.

Exploring choreography and movement is very much at the heart of everything we do. So whilst we continue to hold our dance roots close we are creatively exploring how to apply choreography across a wide range of disciplines including visual arts, film and craft.

We are a dynamic artist-led organisation and the development and discovery of more contexts within which dance artists can work with impact matters to us greatly. We believe that dance thinking can contribute and lead in a variety of contexts. We work with artists to develop inventive programmes that engage a wide range of audiences, encouraging alternative ways of exploring, experiencing and discussing dance.

In producing and commissioning new work, we often find that the unusual, unexpected and truly wonderful can result from a simple starting point. We are excited about the expanded knowledge, materials and processes that can come out of unorthodox collaborations and are always looking for others to partner with. 

Our Studios are a place to connect with others, make new work or relax and maintain a sense of humour. Opening in 2006, Siobhan Davies Studios kick-started an explosion of activity, liberating what we are capable of and allowing us to support the making of far more work. It is important to us that our home is a beacon destination for independent dance experimentation, exploration and discovery hence we are delighted to share this creative space with like-minded organisations such as our close partners Independent Dance.

Our mission is to create, stimulate and develop in order to expand the territory of dance within contemporary society. The essence of all of our activities is the application of choreography in contemporary context to highlight and reveal the relevance of movement in how we live and learn. 


Led by our artistic director and investigative approaches, we create situations where artists, partners and audiences can connect, with unpredictable outcomes which often result in fresh insights into what choreography and dance can be. From these situations and partnerships spring new work in non-traditional situations, taking dance into a broader contemporary sphere and reaching new audiences.

Rather than starting with well-known dance techniques, the trigger for our work is the value of movement and the knowledge of it that every one of us has built up through our daily lives. This communal archive of knowledge can be extended in as many ways as there are ideas, framed and played with to create something intriguing and inspiring.

At our Studios we offer artists space, resources and time to explore how their work can be tempered by the activities of our building. We commission work from artists across a variety of fields and offer them a platform to share their work through exhibitions and performance events in our building.


Alongside our programme of work, we offer events to deepen engagement and to stimulate a discourse that will add to the bank of knowledge and exploration that surrounds us. The events of our public programme offer links to our work, such as workshops, talks or tours of our exhibitions; and may also take form in classes, courses or workshops as an alternate way to explore movement.

We also strive to take our discourse beyond our Studios, engaging in industry and academic conferences and forums to ensure that we are adding to the debates that are relevant to our contemporary culture in an open way.

On our online platforms, we broadcast digital exchanges of ideas about dance and choreography through talks, videos and images from exhibitions and events we have participated in.

We seek to engage with a broad contemporary audience to widen the understanding of choreography and movement, and elevate the position of dance within the arts through discourse and enjoyment.


Our interaction with artists is very much a two-way exchange of knowledge, a mutually beneficial relationship which is responsive and not prescriptive. 

The support and development of artists sits centrally to our mission. We consider artists at every stage of their own development and provide opportunities at every stage of their journey.

We place choreography at the heart of exchanges between teachers, youth leaders and the wider public in an extensive outreach programme that offers alternative ways of experiencing dance to a broad range of audiences. 

By applying the same artistic processes to designing our projects as we do when creating a performance piece, we are able to introduce non-professionals and professionals from other disciplines directly to our dance artists’ practice.