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A/AS Level Dance

Siobhan Davies’ work features within the Critical Engagement component of the AQA A/AS Level Dance Specification for 2016 onwards.

As part of students’ wider study of Rambert Dance Company students are required to choose and study a minimum of two choreographers with historical connections to Rambert; one of whom is Siobhan Davies.



For an insight into the work of Siobhan Davies online we recommend:

Books and Catalogues

You can order catalogues for material / rearranged / to / be, Table of Contents, Manual and ROTOR, featuring essays and insights from the contributing artists and choreographers. Contact us for more information on contact@siobhandavies.com.

Siobhan Davies Dance Archive

Our archive website is currently in development and video materials are only available on request. If there are works you’d like access to please email contact@siobhandavies.com.