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LANGUAGE Performance 2022. Image: Sika Tro

About SDS

We believe in the power of dance for artistic and social change. We connect artists, neighbours and audiences through investigative, collaborative and inclusive activities at our studios in South London and beyond. 

Siobhan Davies Studios has been part of the contemporary dance landscape since the 1980s. We are proud to be artist and female-led. 

Our RIBA award-winning public arts building is located in the diverse and densely populated area of Elephant and Castle. We share our space with Independent Dance, our consortium partners in Arts Council England’s National Portfolio.  At our studios, we run activities that welcome people to be together in ways that prioritise sharing and collaboration. We host social gatherings, spaces to co-work and create, classes for all abilities, performances, talks and free exhibitions. 

Since leadership changes in 2021, our programme has been shaped by, and centres, people who have experienced marginalisation, displacement, exclusion and violence. We continue to address omnipresent oppressive structures and narratives, actioning anti-white supremacist ideologies to change our internal working structures and questioning the relevance of our public activities. We believe that making time and space to dance and move is inherently political and offers tools to exist in the world. It encourages human contact, connection, self-expression and the negotiation and sharing of space. 

We are committed to our social responsibility as a public charity and arts organisation. We know we are imperfect. We value being adaptable and we question how we work on a daily basis.