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Workshop with Annie, 2023 | Photo: Cheniece Warner.

How we work

Our work and thinking are shaped by three principles: people, place and legacy. 


We work alongside dance artists and people from underrepresented communities in our local area, believing that dance is an artform that speaks to many.


We want to be shaped by our home of Elephant and Castle and to be welcoming and relevant to local and artistic communities. 


We believe the work that we’re doing is not just for now, but for seven generations ahead. We are responsible for the long-term impact on where we work and who we work with.

These principles are embedded across three strands of activity: Both/And, Beyond SDS and Artists Alongside.


Local activities that focus on well-being, creativity and coming together.

  • LANGUAGE POWER FEAR EMOTION. A series of annual community performance projects.  
  • SEASONAL GATHERINGS. Community celebrations for our artistic and local communities.
  • OPEN CLASSES. Creative Contemporary for Adults, Infants and Juniors. 
  • EXPERIENCE IT. Weekly sessions with children in our neighbouring Charlotte Sharman Primary School. 
  • NEXT and NAC. A choreography course for 16-24 yr olds and alumni. 
  • ‘SU MANO AMIGA’ CREATIVE DANCE WORKSHOPS. Survivor-led movement and dance workshops for Latinx Women and their children.    
  • SPACE FOR ACTION. Free space for local small-scale fundraising and community-building events.

Beyond SDS

Performance and research projects with UK and International partners.

  • CONTINUOUS. A four-year partnership with a UK network of arts organisations, bringing live dance into gallery spaces. 
  • NEUROLIVE. A five-year project bringing science and dance together to investigate liveness, with Goldsmiths, UCL and Max Plank Institute for Empirical Aesthetics  
  • MA/MFA Creative Practice: Dance Professional Pathway. Accredited course with our consortium partners Independent Dance and Trinity Laban. 

Artists Alongside

Supporting sustainable artistic practice by providing communal, autonomous and affordable spaces.

  • ARTIST ARCHIVE. An annual programme challenging what a dance archive can be and who gets to have one  
  • TOWN SQUARE. Studio, Co-Working, Chats and Listening Circle. Communal and shared spaces for dancing, co-working, discussion, reflection and skill-sharing 
  • WORKSHOP WITH ANNIE. Workshops for professional dance artists focusing on sustainable dance and choreographic practices and well-being. 
  • SUBSIDISED SPACE. Our Independent and Last minute hire rates offer year-round subsidised rehearsal space for dance artists 
  • SDS HOSTING. Studio sharings, performances and screenings of artist’s work.