All this can happen: Commentary ← Siobhan Davies Dance

All this can happen:

“A tour de force. The visual images and use of split screen amaze, finding at times grace and beauty in movement and at other times amplifying and extending the forward narrative.” Jonathan Cole, Clinical Neurophysiologist & Professor

“A rapturously elegant film [...] a masterpiece.” Barbara Gordon, Curator, Hirshhorn Museum Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC

“Yesterday we (me and my wife) saw your movie All This Can Happen, for the second time, this week, in the Jerusalem Film Festival. We have no words to describe our enjoyment. We think it is one of the best video arts we have ever seen!” Raya & Yitzchak Tuchman

All This Can Happen is one of the most outstanding films I have recently seen. It is so refreshing to see something so well-thought and carefully choreographed. It's beautiful and witty on one hand and very hallucinatory and hypnotizing on the other. The audience loved it.” Natalia Sielewicz, Curator, Museum of Modern Art / Kinomuzeum Festival, Warsaw

All This Can Happen is one of the best films I have ever seen. Thank you so much for making it.” Martine Dekker, Business Manager, Cinedans, Amsterdam

‘Davies and Hinton have achieved the near-impossible: a film both harrowing and full of levity, pathological and poignant, microscopic and expansive.’ Sukhdev Sandhu, Sight & Sound

‘Responding so appropriately and with such originality to Walser’s words David and Siobhan have created a glorious fantasy of the modern world, a dream of modernist sensibility that engages with the mind and machines and madness, sexuality and shopping, poetry and photography and (obliquely) politics, city and country, culture and nature, ways of moving and ways of seeing.’ John Wyver,

‘The reason to watch this film is not because it is artful and thoughtful, though it is that. It is because it restores us to our senses, because it touches – gently – both body and soul. To walk, it suggests, is to be in the world.’ Sanjoy Roy, Aesthetica

‘Hinton and Davies have organised grainy, flickering, black and white found footage and photographs into a riveting continuously moving photo montage, which accompanies and indeed flavours the narration of extracts from 'The Walk'.’ Josephine Leask,

‘ can learn more from watching All This Can Happen about being human than from many dance pieces: a masterwork in many ways.’ Hartmut Regitz, Tanz Magazine

All This Can Happen is a major oeuvre, a choreographic and editorial feast with a stunning visuality and amazing soundscape.’ Claudia Kappenberg, Centre for Screendance