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Angel Zinovieff | A light is shining from the top right corner of the image. Illuminating the shadow of a person against a backdrop of black and white photographs, arranged in a collage. The photographs are all portraits of faces.
Angel Zinovieff | Sofly Now Softly Lies Sleeping [video still]
Shannelle ‘Tali’ Fergus | Mum. Edit. More | The words “DANCING TO GENTRIFIED BRIXTON” are emblazoned over an image of a person who is balancing in a seated position balancing with their arms outstretched. They wear a black top, black jeans and trainers and the background is olive green.
Shannelle 'Tali' Fergus, Live Archive | Image: Mum. Edit. More, 2017.
Angela Andrew | mearchivingme 2. In the lefthand side of the image, a person dressed in a flowing white skirt and a black tank top twirls while holding a large white scarf. They are reflected slightly on the floor as they dance and the rest of the image is dark, suggesting that they may be on stage.
Angela Andrew, Live Archive | Image: Radical Integration (2018). Photo: Zbigniew Tomasz Kotkiewicz, performer: Angela Andrew.
Carol (Kavina) Pound | Waiting , Relating and Coordinating 2. Two figures wear coordinated patterned clothing in shades of brown and green as they dance. One figure is facing the camera, smiling as they twirl and reach their arm to the sky and the other figure does the same, facing away from the camera.
Freestyler’s Everybody With Me, Always, 2021 | Image: Brian Hartley, Performers: Carol Pound and Bethany Pound Green.
Adesola Akinleye | Archiving with Bare feet: archiving the performance work ‘Truth & Transparency’ 1. A grainy photograph shows what looks like the outline of four figures, in various poses on what looks like a stage. Their blurry outlines are highlighted in blue against a dark backdrop.
Adesola Akinleye, Digital Archive | Image: Truth & Transparency (2007)
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Artist Archive 2023/24

Artist Archive is an annual programme that questions what an archive can be and who gets to have one.

Artist Archive gives precedence to artists and their past works that: 

  • were unfunded or underfunded 
  • had few opportunities to be presented 
  • might otherwise be lost or forgotten 
  • resist the mainstream

This programme is about revisiting past works as they are, and rethinking our relationship them. In this way, Artist Archive aims to reduce and renew in place of the pressure to constantly innovate and increase output.

Look back on the 2022/23 programme here.

— Material Archive

Shannelle ‘Tali’ Fergus | Mum. Edit. More

Shannelle ‘Tali’ Fergus is a South East London born, raised and based creative, with over 20 years’ industry experience as a performer, teacher and choreographer. Her movement style is a blend of her training in street styles and contemporary, with leanings towards gesture and pedestrian movement.

Shannelle will present her solo work ‘Mum. Edit. More’ (2017) as a Material Archive. Conceived during Talawa Firsts 2017 and since performed at Rich Mix, The Place and Wellcome, ‘Mum. Edit. More’ is a highly personal and poignant audio-visual journey exploring the beauty of the human voice, pondering the effects of gentrification and reflecting on the nature of change. This Material Archive will take the form of journal extracts, voice notes and video recordings.

Image: Shannelle ‘Tali’ Fergus

Angel Zinovieff |

Angel Zinovieff is an artist who works through movement, music, collage, film and writing. Their work is particularly interested in social spheres, spheres of time, the body and its inheritances – the micro of an individual life out and into the many macros of our existence, relational, sociopolitical, our time on earth, and out further into the cosmic unfathomable.

This Material Archive will bring together a collection of works made between 2014-2023 that explore the UK garage rave scene of the early 2000s. This archive will reflect on a deep personal history; a sonic, choreographic and social history; and a moment from which to map larger themes, such as joy in collective movement, transcendence, mental illness, the power of imagination and the division of time.

Image: Angel Zinovieff

— Live Archive

Angela Andrew | mearchivingme

Angela “Cookie” Andrew is a lindy hopper, dance artist, teacher, blogger, cultural mediator, and some other things too. Her background is in community education, and she is a legacy holder of African American Vernacular Jazz dance (AAVJ). In 2021 Angela celebrated 30 years of living this dance.

‘mearchivingme’ will be a physical anthology of her works and career. Sometimes ordered. Sometimes not. But there. Angela will be asking herself the questions: How did I get here? Why am I here? What am I doing with here, and where is here going?

Image: Gilles SOEN-WER

Taking place 18 May 2024

Carol (Kavina) Pound | Waiting , Relating and Coordinating

Carol (Kavina) Pound is a dance artist and the co-creator of Danzability with her daughter Bethany. She uses her experience to inspire others, and has spoken about her dance journey at various disability and well-being events. Kavina is a regular dancer with Freestylers and works freelance with SLIDE. She is also a Biodanza teacher, running a monthly class in Greenwich, and is a volunteer on the committee for Biodanza Association UK.

Kavina’s Live Archive is based on her monograph ‘Waiting, Relating, and Coordinating’ (2017). Kavina is an older dance artist with dyspraxia and arthritis, who entered the profession late in life. Her talk will describe how her journey has been one almighty battle, but also how dance has helped her to develop patience, improve her coordination and balance, and increase her social skills.

– Carol and Bethany Pound
– Freestyler’s Everybody With Me, Always, 2021. Performers: Carol and Bethany Pound.

— Digital ArchivE

Adesola Akinleye | Archiving with Bare feet: archiving the performance work ‘Truth & Transparency’

Adesola Akinleye is a choreographer artist-scholar creating dance works ranging from dance films, installation, texts to live performance that are often site-specific. They draw on Indigenous/Africanist worldviews to explore how movement demonstrates the intra-connection of body-mind-environment. Adesola’s work is characterized by an interest in glimpsing and voicing peoples lived experiences through creative moving image. A key aspect of their work is the artistry of exchanging creative processes. They co-direct DancingStrong Movement Lab.

‘Truth & Transparency’ (2007) is a performance work for three: two performers and one dancer manipulating an image projected onto the performance space using a mirror. The work was inspired by Ralph Ellison’s ‘Invisible Man’ and Adesola’s reflections on bringing-up their own children as two Black youth at the time. The piece researched Step and Crumping dance forms and foreshadowed new technology using projection in real-time to manipulate the audience’s perception of dancers and space.

Image: Adesola Akinleye