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AS + A Level Dance

A Level / AS Level Dance

Siobhan Davies’ work features within the Critical Engagement component of the AQA AS/A Level Dance Specification for 2016 onwards.

As part of students’ wider study of Rambert Dance Company students are required to choose and study a minimum of two choreographers with historical connections to Rambert; one of whom is Siobhan Davies.

Support for A Level/ AS Level Teachers

We can support Teachers to plan and lead their pupil’s study of Siobhan Davies’s work for the A Level/ AS Level curriculum through practical workshops with your students, teacher training and a wealth of online resources.

A Level / AS Level Dance Workshops

Our workshops give students a practical insight into the choreographic approach of Siobhan Davies through creative tasks drawing from recent worksmaterial / rearranged / to /be,Table of Contents,Manual and/or ROTOR.

Delivered by a professional dance artist and collaborator of Siobhan Davies these workshops enable pupils to gain an understanding of Siobhan Davies’ style, methodology, and choreographic works. In addition we support teachers to extend the work further with their pupils after the workshop.

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Online Resources/ Information

Our Replay ArchiveWatch + Listen and Works website pages provide a wealth of information.

For information enabling students need to know and understand the choreographic approach of Siobhan Davies;

Read this

Listen to this 

For information about the influences affecting the development of Siobhan’s technique and style

Read this

For information about Siobhan Davies’ choreographic works we recommend you select recent works with significant free online resources available; including film clips, panel discussions, talks and writing.

In addition you can order catalogues for each of the works below, featuring essays and insights from the contributing artists and choreographers.

material / rearranged / to / be

Table of Contents



For information about the importance of Siobhan’s works in the development of the genre in relation to Rambert Dance Company;

Visit Siobhan Davies Dance’s archive Replay for information about the three Dance Works Siobhan Davies’ has choreographed with and for Rambert Dance Company;

Embarque (1988)

Plainsong performed by Rambert (1991)

Winnsboro Cotton Mills (1992)

Siobhan Davies was Associate Choreographer for Rambert Dance Company in 1989.

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