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Building in Isolation: Photobooth Gallery

Part Instigate Unknown’s WebRes Building in Isolation. Find out more here.

Before we started with online sessions, we took on creative challenges each week to develop the methodology we’ve named Problematic Props. 

Cherilyn has been developing this practice for Instigate Unknown since late 2018. Problematic Props is about using objects in an unconventional way to create and inspire movement. 

At the end of each episode you see a sequence of pictures from each company member posing with series of arranged objects. This is taken from Task 6 – Photobooth. This exercise was greatly inspired by some training Cherilyn had done with Visual Artist Priya Mistry based around the use of objects. 

The dancers intentionally chose a location and arranged the objects in a starting position. From there, they got a member of their household or used a self-timer to countdown 10 seconds of which they had to arrange themselves amongst the objects. This was repeated in one go over the course of 2-3 minutes. 

Here are some of the images that came out of Task 6.