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Artist Chats | Open Call 2021

In early 2021 incoming Co-Artistic Directors Annie and Kat reached out to artists in a range of ways as part of an ongoing and embedded practice.

Artists and practices experienced as marginalised/excluded from the norm are integral to our vision and will be prioritised across all programmes. Artist Chats will begin new processes to remunerate and offer access support for artists to get involved in different stages and facets of the work we do.

Siobhan Davies Studios are seeking movement practitioners & dance artists who want to riff on ideas with us for a forthcoming programme called Both/And.

Both/And is a programme that aims to promote encounters between artists and local communities, acknowledging the existing reciprocity between artistic and community practices and its breadth. It offers time and resources to artists and people working for and within local communities to broaden experience and learning through mutual exchange.

We are looking for 10 artists of any age, and at any stage in their career, who:

Want to make art that happens in communities more visible and valued.

Want to talk to us about what is needed.

Want to share experiences of working within local communities including but not limited to:

  • groups/individuals who share commonality in lived experiences, age or circumstances
  • groups/individuals who could be described as vulnerable
  • young people outside of their formal education settings
  • care settings 

A fee of £200 is available per artist. We imagine that this will include one 2-hour online group session, plus some emails/ communication before and after. We are also open to different needs and set ups.

Additional funds are available for access support.

The online sessions will be held on Thu 4 March and Mon 26 April.

Deadline for call out:

Mon 1 Mar for the online session on Thu 4 March

Mon 19 April for the online session on Mon 26 April

If you’re interested in talking to us then please fill out this short form.

If you have any questions regarding this call out or the form please email: contact@siobhandavies.com. Please put ‘Both/And – Artist Chats’ in the subject line so that we can forward your enquiry as quickly as possible.

We hope to reach as many artists as we can but of course we don’t know everyone, so please do share this call out with your peers and community. 

To make this as easy as possible we have linked to some recent social posts below – feel free to use these as a template for your own posts or repost them directly!

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