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R&D | Update 2021

Both/And is not either/or. 

The Both/And programme contains several different strands designed to be shaped by the artists that will work on them. 

It recognises the multiple/complex/plural nature of the work that dance practitioners do and the processes which often go unnoticed or are less valued in the sector. 

It is a programme that promotes encounter between artists and local communities acknowledging the reciprocity between artistic and community practices and its extraordinary breadth.  

It values artistic and ethical rigour, depth of enquiry and pushes for a far-sighted, slow burning and multi-dimensional space for reflection and artistic action. 

It is interested in expanding the dynamic of artist and community, from facilitator/benefactor and participant/beneficiary, into one of mutual exchange. 

Artists Chats Mar+April 2021 

In February 2021, our then incoming Co-Artistic Directors Annie and Kat reached out to artists through an open call to take part in a series of consultative Artists Chats. These chats sought movement practitioners and dance artists who wanted to share thoughts on their experience of what is needed to support them as artists working within community focused work and the individuals and communities they have encountered through their work. Read the call out here.  

The following 11 artists were approached to take part in a group conversation: 

  • Artists Chat 1: Maiya Leeke, Michael Joseph, Ingrid McKinnon, Arunima Kumar and Emma Jayne Park. 
  • Artists Chat 2: Aimee Louise Bevan, Fraser Buchanan, Gary Clarke, Zinah Mangera-Law, Linzy na Nakorn and Antonio Ssebuuma Bukhar. 

Mini R&Ds June-Sep 2021 

Following on from the Artist Chats, we initiated a series of mini-R&Ds in which 4 dance artists (at various stages of their life and careers) invited 4 others to be their creative partners in crime. Each artist has been invited to seed conversations with groups, organisations, or charities in our local area – approached for their potential connection to each artist’s practice and life experience. This is one of many first steps in getting to know our neighbours. 

The 8 creative partners are: 

  • Jemima Hoadley and Kat Hawkins
  • Michael Joseph and Louise Dickson
  • Lilli Chambers and Renée Bellamy
  • Aimee Louise Bevan and Jasmine Judy Andrews

Access Consultancy 

In addition to the mini-R&Ds, two different approaches centring access and training for access are in process: 

Maiya Leeke R&D with Mind the Gap 

Artist Maiya Leeke was contacted to breathe real life and experiences into written policies and identify what might be needed for disabled artists throughout their careers. This will inform how we better welcome and support the work and participation of disabled artists. Maiya is currently working with artists from Mind the Gap to pool thinking and share perspectives. 

Fraser Buchanan invites Quiplash 

Artist Fraser Buchanan has invited Quiplash to provide a workshop centring those identifying as queer and disabled. The workshop takes place as part of our September Housewarming