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In the Stretch and Placement classes, we will work slowly, thoughtfully and deliberately; we will work in order to find and improve the body’s connections on the level of the bone; and we will learn to use the deep muscles of postural support (the psoas, the hamstrings, the external hip rotators and the pelvic floor) to integrate our bodies and improve our dynamic posture thus finding more effective ways of moving, dancing and choreographing.

“The purpose of Klein Technique™ is education, not on the superficial level of mimicking form, but on a profoundly deep level of understanding the full use of the body as an integral whole to maximize full function of each individual’s unique movement potential. Working from the bones allows one to work from their unique identity, to dance and choreograph from their unique essential self.” (Susan Klein, 2018)

The best way to understand what is Klein Technique™ is to experience it first hand. If you’d like to read more about it you can check what Susan Klein says about the technique at the Klein Technique™ website.


18th May – 22nd June

Tuesdays, Research Studio
6.30 – 8.15pm (studio will be available from 6.15 pm)

6-week full-course, 18 May – 22 June:
£82 / £70 concessions

Taster Class* on Tuesday 18 May/Single Classes thereafter:
£15 / £13 concessions

Attending Class at SDS

Before attending class at Siobhan Davies Studios, we ask participants to read our COVID-19 page and familiarise themselves with the precautions we’ve put in place to ensure the safety of staff and all our users. 

It is important to note that:

  • We are open for pre-booked users only. We cannot currently accommodate drop-ins.
  • We will be maintaining a studio users tracking system as per government guidance. Your name and contact details will be kept for 21 days.
  • Class numbers are currently limited. This class will be limited to 8 participants.

Do not attend class if you are experiencing any symptoms of Coronavirus. Check your symptoms with NHS 111 Online.



A is a London-based choreographer and performer with a background in physiotherapy and Pilates. A took their first Klein Technique™ workshop with Susan Klein in 2010 and since then they have studied regularly with her. A joined the fourth Klein Technique™ Teacher Certification Program in March 2016, taking place between New York and Europe, and in June 2019 they became certified as a Klein Technique™ teacher.

A has been influenced by this work since their first encounter with it. They have applied the concepts and principles of Klein Technique to their own practice and to teaching dance. Since the summer of 2018, A has been teaching regular Stretch and Placement classes in London.


Email: adelafe@kleintechnique.com

*For single classes from 25 May onwards, tickets will be on sale from Wednesday 19 May 2021. If after taking the taster class you would like to sign up for the 5 remaining classes, you will be able to book by paying
the difference: £67 / £57 concessions.