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A promotional image for Oracular Practice. Dancer Jamila Johnson-Small. They are standing before a deep red background with their hands in the air and they are looking down.

Oracular Practice 

with SERAFINE1369


A series of classes with SERAFINE1369.

We will be working with movement and dance as tools for listening to and witnessing our selves without judgement. 

We will be working to dissolve the distinction between peripheral and central focus, unsettling edges through tuning into the detail and murmurings of our sensing capacities.

We will be working with each of our own unique movements, enhancing range by cultivating awareness. We might also talk or do some writing.

This class welcomes all with a curiosity and desire to be with this class material. No previous experience necessary. 

To book, please email contactserafine1369@gmail.com, stating which date/s you would like to sign up to and which fee band.


Two Sundays a month
14 & 28 Jan, 11 & 18 Feb, 10 & 17 Mar
3.30 – 5pm


Drop In

£14, General
£19, Pay-it-forward
£9, Bursary

Block of 6

£75, General
£105, Pay-it-forward
£50, Bursary


SERAFINE1369 is an artist, dancer and body-focused researcher working with dancing as a philosophical undertaking, a political project with ethical psycho-spiritual ramifications for being-in-the-world; dancing as intimate technology. 

SERAFINE1369 is busy with propositions and practices – of dancing, spatial arrangement, sonics and modes of receiving – that counter the tendency towards bodily compression, inflammation and alienation, invited by life in the hostile architectures of the metropolis. This approach acknowledges the cosmic oneness of all things as manifested through the ecologies of relation and the fact that everything is made of the same stuff, whilst being intensely curious about the magic and mysteries of life processes of distinction, variation, cycles, decomposition; movement as it transforms and sustains. 

They understand working with bodies is working with vibration – sound, light, frequency, movement and relationship. Their facilitation practice is concerned with opening up embodied and choreographic channels of connection and flow, in order to access and utilise our sensing capacities as oracular resource.

Website / contactserafine1369@gmail.com


Siobhan Davies Studios is mostly accessible, with lifts to all floors. There are two accessible parking spaces available on site which can be booked in advance. Blue Badge parking is also available nearby on West Square and Garden Row (for a full map visit the Southwark Council website). Our main door is power assisted.

Amenities include: 

  • Changing facilities* 
  • Communal showers* 
  • Lockers
  • Toilets / wheelchair accessible toilets 
  • Kitchen: tea and coffee making, fridge, and microwave

* Our changing facilities and showers are not fully accessible. Our closest publicly available and fully accessible changing facility is at The Castle Centre, a leisure centre 0.3 miles away from the studios. You can find full details of their features here.