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CONTINUOUS Commissions

CONTINUOUS is partnership between BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art (Gateshead) and Siobhan Davies Studios. Taking dance into gallery spaces across the UK, it seeks to advance the creation, presentation and development of audiences for experimental contemporary dance within visual arts contexts.

CONTINUOUS is a project in two parts: a commission strand and a touring network for pre-existing work. Find out the CONTINUOUS Network here.

Visit the CONTINUOUS Website to find out about Works and Events.

Commissions to date

Image: Rob Harris. Performers: Stephanie McMann and Rowdy SS

Spirit Compass: Where there is movement there is change, Lucy Suggate and Collaborators

Spirit Compass is a site for communal listening and embodiment – an island or a temple of sorts. Audiences are invited to relax and witness the movement while sitting or lying on a ‘shoreline’ of cushions resembling smooth stones. Suggate has a strong desire to move us towards more expansive experiences of watching; evoking feelings of heart-thumping, intense, or ecstatic absorption.

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Promotional image for new performance Black on Black: 24R, featuring artist Zinzi Minott wearing black shiny coat and powerful make up, photo by Kofi Paintsil
Image: Kofi Paintsil

Black on Black, Zinzi Minott

The work interrogates dance as a form of labour and the limits of the body through repetition, duration and exhaustion, both a materials and references to a Black Queer life which Minott returns to frequently. The performance has been created from movement phrases donated to Minott by an extended network of Black dancers and artists. “If you could imagine a physical archive of dance”, asked Minott, “what nugget or phrase would you donate?”

This work exists within and as a multi-screen audio-visual installation consisting of archival footage and other accompanying material from Minott’s personal image collection, and a newly commissioned score created and curated by Gaika.

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Promotional photo for performance Everybody with Me, Always by Freestylers.
Image: Roland Carline

Everybody With Me, Always, Freestylers

Freestylers are an ever-expanding team of artists. Person-centred and disability-led, their work is about listening and learning from each other. The Freestylers team have longstanding creative relationships built on care, support and trust. This new work, Everybody With Me, Always, a CONTINUOUS x Unlimited commission, sees them go on a UK tour for the first time.

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