Conversations Around Choreography

‘Do you recognise choreographic practice in your work?’

Striving to extend her understanding of the meaning of choreography through other people's practice, artistic director and choreographer Siobhan Davies speaks with a number of eminent artists and practitioners from outside the world of dance. Explore these eight published conversations which consider creative process and choreographic practice.

Exploring the Conversations

Use the 'word clouds' alongside each transcript to explore different threads or concepts in the conversations. Several themes including movement, choreography, language, rhythm, stillness and space can be traced through each of the eight conversations, but are approached in very different ways.

Live Events

‘What kind of constructions, limitations or questions do you put in place in order to begin and sustain a creative period?’

Over four evenings in November-December 2009, Siobhan Davies invites four of these artists to her RIBA award winning studios, to talk about how they make their work. Each artist will talk to a guest from outside their own practice about elements of their creative process.
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Siobhan Davies would like to thank Judy Adam for her work and considerable help on this project. Special thanks to writer and photography critic, Francis Hodgson, for his foreword. Main image: Roof Studio, Siobhan Davies Studios by Pari Naderi.