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NEXT X Dance Art Journal

SDS invited online magazine dance art journal to write a series of pieces about NEXT Choreography, our 6-month course for creative young people.

PART 1: Expanding Approaches to Choreography

angel dust interviews Rach Coleman, Lin Ji and Billy Gigurtsis. Read in full.

“I think that’s what NC is best at doing, expanding the realm of the possible through the means of movement. For me NC revealed how much of my understanding of the world happened through my senses, how the mind is located in the body and how we are constantly engaging in a never ending choreography of our body in relation to everything and everyone else around us. Art stopped being stuck on the walls of the gallery, it grew limbs and freed itself into the streets.”

PART 2: Choreographing in a Community of Practice

Rehearsal reflection from Stella Rousham. Read in full.

“Observing the Next Choreography rehearsal last week, I am particularly struck by the caring community of practice this group of young artists have choreographed. From participants welcoming me the moment I arrived, noticing that I was sitting nervously at the side, to others openly sharing choreography exploring personal difficulties of grief, to  the endless exchanges of smiles, post-it notes of feedback and reassuring pats on back. In their own words, the Next Choreography cohort have co-created a distinctly ‘non-hierarchal’ and ‘non-capitalist’ space that enables vulnerability and exposure with the promise of care, nurture and growth.”

PART 3: Radical Watching

Festival review from Francesca Matthys. Read in full.

“The collaborative effort and sincere care and openness to each other’s creativity is evident in this collective. What a wonderful opportunity to not only continue discovering the creative potential of the individual but also the group. ’Freedom for the individual comes from unity of the group’ a strong sentiment left on the walls of the changing room. If this is the next generation of young choreographers, we can certainly say that they will be more than alright!”

dance art journal was founded by NEXT Choreography alumna Katie Hagan, alongside other previous NEXT-ers angel dust and Stella Rousham. Find out more here.

All images from Cheniece Warner.