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A scan of a black and white negative. A Corali dancer with their hands clasped in front of them.

Corali: From the archive. Diary of a Dead Artist, 1996.

Digital Archive: Corali Tue 25 Apr 2023 – Fri 1 Mar 2024

A collection of material from Corali’s 34-year history as a leader in dance created by artists with a learning disability, as part of Artist Archive.

Corali creates exciting live performances and film rooted in collaboration. As part of Artist Archive, they have worked with artists, Mark Beldan, Claire Undy, and Jon Archdeacon to create a new website that showcases Corali’s 34-year history of gallery, site-specific, film, studio and partnership performance practice. The site features interviews with members of the company past and present, as well as profiling our archive of photos and film, alongside more recent digital resources. 

ABout the ArtistS


Corali creates exciting live performances and film. Our practice is rooted in collaboration; we explore the relationship between dancers who identify as learning-disabled and those who do not, between dance and other art forms, and between professional and participatory artwork. We align our work with the most inspiring dance, art and performance being made in the UK today and develop key partnerships with other organisations and companies, such as Tate gallery, and dance duo Thick & Tight.