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Cycles And Fragmentary Returns Wed 14 Apr 2021

For the fourth and final public offering of their time as a Torchlight Artist with Siobhan Davies Studios, SERAFINE1369 (Jamila Johnson-Small) invites you to ask them a question or share a question you are currently asking. These will form the sonic landscape of a performance that will be a kind of exorcism. This exorcism practice embodies some of the concerns that SERAFINE1369 has considered over the course of their time as a Torchlight Artist about notions of hosting and technologies for survival amid hostile environments.

To frame this invitation, SERAFINE1369 has composed a text that is a fragmentary reflection on their thinking since beginning their work with Siobhan Davies Studios in April 2019. We invite you to read this text.

Please send questions to serafine1369@gmail.com by 14th April.

The final performance will be broadcast in April, more details to come.