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Cycles And Fragmentary Returns Sat 29 May 2021, 2pm and 3.15pm

There’s this strange
of something
stretched out and
and it’s time 
to close it 
the closing 
is contingent
What if the closing
were an opening
What if what is opened
is the past
Making future
Future seems hard
feels hard
There is a stuckness
This moment that
I am 
held by
Hosting and haunting
How to welcome new
what is here already:

“What is time to you?”
“How to move on / how to let it go?”
“How does one rebalance psychologically and emotionally?”
“How can I receive the goodness in between all the chaos and shit and mess?”
“How to find a way that’s less reliant on quotation?”
“What feeds the impetus to keep us going?”
“Do you have faith in this next dance?”
“I’ve been doing a lot of questioning of the kind that has left me feeling stuck.”

A dance to close my time as Torchlight artist. Each thing an end in itself, and a beginning.  A reflection, an attempt to share through the doing, a kind of exorcism.

“What would be the minimal number of instructions needed to bring something into being?”

At Siobhan Davies Studios

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