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Dance for the Brain Online: With Marie Forbes Tue 6 Oct – Tue 24 Nov 2020, 2–3.30PM

Free, weekly creative dance classes for adults with early symptoms of dementia to engage the body and brain through movement and co-created choreography. Led by dance artist Marie Forbes and organised by Siobhan Davies Dance and Arts 4 Dementia.

Led by a professional dance expert, participants and their companions will develop body awareness, coordination and balance alongside opportunities to make creative choices, create movement and have agency. They will enjoy connecting with the potential of their bodies and capacity of their minds, renewing and developing a love of moving in a social environment.

Dance for the Brain is part of a social prescribing research project, designed to help counteract the isolation people can feel pre-diagnosis for dementia and in its earliest stages. Referrals to the class through surgery-based linkworkers are welcomed as are independent requests to join the class.

For more information on taking part call Veronica on 020 8780 5217 or 07713 636381, or email her at veronica@arts4dementia.org.uk.