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A scan of a black and white negative. A Corali dancer with their hands clasped in front of them.

Corali: From the archive. Diary of a Dead Artist, 1996.

Digital Archives Sun 1 Jan 2023 – Thu 1 Jan 2026

Digital Archives created as part of Artist Archive. Artist Archive is an annual programme that questions what an archive can be and who gets to have one.

This programme is about revisiting past works as they are, and rethinking our relationship them. In this way, Artist Archive aims to reduce and renew in place of the pressure to constantly innovate and increase output.

Photo taken outside. Two dancers seen at a distance under trees.

Moving On

A digital archive bringing together a series of audio projects created during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Created by Anne-Gaelle Thiriot, Tania Soubry and Laura Doehler, with Alice Labant.

Moving On is a series of audio projects conceived by 17 dance artists during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each 2-hour project featured 3-4 individual yet collectively woven voices to facilitate a weekly practice. The ambition was to instil mobility and wellbeing, moving together in parks to find physical connection and relation to nature. The Moving On microsite includes a timeline of the project and interviews conducted between the artists which can be explored through an interactive graph.

Please note that Moving On is best navigated on a computer.

A scan of a black and white negative. A Corali dancer with their hands clasped in front of them.


A collection of material from Corali’s 34-year history as a leader in dance created by artists with a learning disability.

Corali creates exciting live performances and film rooted in collaboration. As part of Artist Archive, they have worked with artists, Mark Beldan, Claire Undy, and Jon Archdeacon to create a new website that showcases Corali’s 34-year history of gallery, site-specific, film, studio and partnership performance practice. The site features interviews with members of the company past and present, as well as profiling our archive of photos and film, alongside more recent digital resources. 

Archiving with Bare Feet

A Digital Archive from Adesola Akinleye. Asking ‘What does it do to a dance and choreographer to be archived?

Archiving with Bare Feet documents the choreographic process, Climbing with Bare Feet, and the 2007 performance that came from it: Truth & Transparency.

Archiving with Bare Feet takes up the challenge of archiving artistic process from Adesola’s perspective as a Black, female presenting, choreographer – a perspective which placed them outside the British dance mainstream in 2007. Collating various materials – footage, reflections, restagings – the archive reflects on what happens to the work of a dancer or a choreographer when it is/they are archived. Instead of presenting choreographic work as something that lives outside of a particular time; this archive understands it as living, existing through ongoing processes and the artistic knowledge it generates.