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Alexandrina Hemsley
Nathália Mello
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we hold water Sat 20 Feb 2021, 11am-4pm

Doing Days are an opportunity to experience dance and movement through actually ‘doing’ and engaging physically with artists and their processes.

Alongside witnessing the impacts of these uncertain, destabilising and inequitable times, Alexandrina and Nathália offer a day to call in the sensorial, material and symbolic properties of water as a guide for feeling, writing and moving. For being spaciously with a body’s multitude… 

Turning towards the water and land of our own home environments, we hope to open up (by observing) knowledges of flow and expression. In drawing attention to the life between the lines of our writings, our muscles, our borders, our senses, we will experiment with ways of seeing and being seen. What are the ways in which we can recognise ourselves at this time? How can we create shelters for our work and group process? In striving to create at this time of containment and responsibility, how can we find, or reflect upon the unpredictable but vital, soft landing sites of permission, expansion, assistance, joy, and support?

This space will be held with an anti-racist, anti-ableist framework for women, non-binary and gender non-conforming people, with lived experiences of racist and gender-based marginalisation. Parents or carers are deeply encouraged to apply. The day can be dropped in and out of, to assist with the needs of childcare or caring responsibilities. A recording will be made and then only shared with the group so attendees can access the session in their own times. Absolutely no previous dance or choreography experience necessary. Please get in touch with any discussions, questions or requests for financial assistance around access needs.

we hold water is funded by Siobhan Davies Studios through the Culture Recovery Fund.

Online, via Zoom

General: £20
Bursary: £5
Pay-it-forward: £25
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Pay-it-forward tickets subsidise bursary tickets across the whole of our programme. If you choose to pay-it-forward, you’re generously supporting other participants to attend, thank you!

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Please get in touch to request a free place should the cost of the ticket be a limitation.

For women, non-binary and gender non-conforming people, with lived experiences of racist and gender-based marginalisation.


As a standard all our online events feature automated transcription and closed captions. On our booking form please state any access requirements you may have. BSL interpretation can be provided on request. In addition, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or concerns.

To get in touch please email contact@siobhandavies.com.


Alexandrina Hemsley

Alexandrina’s creative practice lands in the fluid spaces of dance, choreography, writing, facilitating and advocacy. Their interests are both enduring and in expansive states of flux – or just in connection/relation to the processes within life and within living. They turn towards the sensorial, the bodily, the multiple subjective positions of self – and self in intimate relation to self and other selves – as ways to find breath and voice amidst the unjust and inequitable.

Nathália Mello

Researcher in the field of the performative arts working with movement. Nathália is interested in opening glades from which communitary networks may sprout. Observation is offered as a form of caring for the self and others. By animalistically listening to movement, Nathália’s craft is to make space so that flow turns into learning, translating, and respect (beauty).