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September Housewarming Wed 1 Sep – Thu 30 Sep 2021

This September we are opening our doors and inviting you into the day-to-day goings on of our studios. After 18 months of lockdowns and distance, and 6 months of our new Co-Artistic Directors Annie and Kat finding their feet, we want to warm up the studios together, reconnect and welcome.  

We have restrictions in place to keep us all safe (read more here) and hope you can join us to reinvigorate the building and maybe even reimagine how it is used. It is a chance for neighbours, friends, artists, audiences – familiar and new – to (re)introduce themselves and get to know the team. We have invited those working in our spaces throughout the month to host sharings of their work and tasters of their regular offers. There will be events online too and we encourage you to get in touch from wherever you are based. 

We have held space for making and doing throughout the month in the form of Town Square Studio. This is an open invitation to artists and others to use bookable sessions for their practice – to play, connect, work and relax alongside each other. See times below or find out more here.  

From the whole team at Siobhan Davies Studios – we look forward to seeing you soon! 

Week 1

Wed 1 Sep
Coffee Morning: Come and say “hi” 

10.30am– 12pm | Online.

Join us at Siobhan Davies Studios for the first of five Coffee Mornings. Drop-in and say “hi” over a cup of tea, coffee, or something else. Meet the team, introduce yourself, hear about the organisation and find out about our Housewarming month. 

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Fri 3 Sep
Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome Rehearsal Sharing: LET THE BODY

3.45 – 5pm | At the studios.

Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome will present LET THE BODY ahead of her performances in Nottingham and Glasgow later this year. LET THE BODY dives into the fibres, sinews and flesh of our bodies tempting out a devotional, mind loosening, re-pleasuring of our physical bodies sharing space and live electronic music. With Muñoz-Newsome, Serefine1369 and Nissa Nishikawa, and music by Shelley Parker.

LET THE BODY is part of the CONTINUOUS Network find out more here.

Free. Book a place

Town Square Studio

A free, shared working space. Envisioning our building and its spaces as a communal resource, a town square in which our extended communities might gather, create and connect. 

Sat 4 Sep
12.30– 4.30pm | Book a place

Week 2

Tues 7 Sep
Taster Class:Klein Technique™ with A de le Fe 

6.30 – 8.15pm | At the studios.

Klein Technique™ is a process-based system of work through which the body is analysed and understood in order to improve and to further movement potential, decrease and heal injuries. We will work slowly, thoughtfully and deliberately.

For new attendees only.

Free. Book a place

Wed 8 Sep
Coffee Morning: Fundraising – a drop-in conversation 

10.30am – 12pm | At the studios. 

Have a chat with our Development Manager Carrie and Co-Artistic Director Kat Bridge about the daunting topic of fundraising. In this a drop-in conversation our team will share their experiences, offer some personal hints and tips and answer the questions you come with.

Free. Book a place

Sat 11 Sep
Taster Class: Yoga with Yogabelle

10am – 11.30am | At the studios.

Unwind from your busy life and enjoy a flowing Hatha Yoga class to help establish stability, flexibility and stamina, as well as a sense of deep relaxation and inner stillness. Perfect for releasing stress, good health and overall well being of mind, body and spirit.

For new attendees only.

Free. Book a place

Sun 12 Sep
Dinis Machado Performance: Yellow Puzzle Horse 

4– 5pm & 6– 7pm | At the studios. 

Yellow Puzzle Horse is a dance for a self-made dress in a constructed forest. In the forest, I notice and relate with matter in transformation. The way the same matter assumes shapes as a tree, a bug, a mushroom. The forest, like a mutable constellation, where one thing can become another, but can also decompose and rest in the space when the tree is not yet the fungus but an unnamed process in between.

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Town Square Studio

A free, shared working space. Envisioning our building and its spaces as a communal resource, a town square in which our extended communities might gather, create and connect.

Mon 6 Sep
9am– 12.45pm | Book a place
1.15– 5pm | Book a place

Thurs 9 Sep
9am – 1pm | Book a place
1.30 – 5.30pm | Book a place

Fri 10 Sep
9am – 12.45pm | Book a place
1.15 – 5pm | Book a place

Week 3

Tues 14 Sep
Freestylers Rehearsal Sharing:Everybody With Me, Always

4 – 4.30pm & 8– 8.30pm | At the studios.

Freestylers will be sharing some live work from their rehearsal that day for their new piece and showing some film work.

Everybody With Me, Always is a CONTINUOUS x Unlimited commission as part of the CONTINUOUS Network find out more here.

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Wed 15 Sep
Coffee Morning: Routes In – trajectories into working in the arts

10.30am – 12pm | At the studios. 

Our CONTINUOUS Audience Development Officer Lucia, and other members of staff, discuss the routes they have, and are still taking, through the arts and dance sector. Join us to talk about academic choices and training, career turning points, epiphanies, realisations and side hustles. Come with questions and share your experiences. 

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Thurs 16 Sep
Neurolive Open Studio: Measuring brain activity during live performance

2 – 3pm & 3.30 – 4.30pm  | At the studios.

The scientific team behind Neurolive, demonstrate the mobile EEG (electroencephalogram) technology being used to monitor and study the notions of “liveness” in dance. They will be joined by dance artists Seke Chimutengwende and Stephanie McMann. Come and experience first-hand how science and dance are working together to explore notions of liveness.

Free. Book a place

Sat 18 Sep
Taster Class: Infants Creative Contemporary

9.30 – 10.15am | At the studios.

These fun and stimulating sessions, taking place every Saturday morning, are designed for little ones and their parent/carer to discover a love for dance together. Through collaboration, visual cues and repetition, our specialist teacher Cheryl McChesney will guide the group to create playful and imaginative movement each week.

Ages 2– 4.For new attendees only.

Free. Book a place

Sat 18 Sep
Taster Class: Juniors Creative Contemporary

10.30 – 11.30am | At the studios.

Join us for an energetic and joyful introduction to dance and choreography on Saturday mornings. Through creative tasks and collaboratively working with others, our Junior class enables children to connect, play and develop their skills and confidence with movement and performance.

Ages 5 – 11.For new attendees only.

Free. Book a place


Sat 18 & Sun 19 Sep
Let Me Feel Something: a research lab with Jean Abreu 

Sat 18: 12.30pm – 6pm / Sun 19: 11am – 5pm
At the studios.

Join Brazilian-British choreographer Jean Abreu for a two-day research lab exploring the physical language of mourning, grief and laments, inspired by Abreu’s ongoing collaboration As They Are: Mantras for the Body (working title) with dance dramaturg Guy Cools. This lab is intended for professionals.

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Sat 18 Sep
Jean Abreu & Guy Cools: artist talk and book launch 

7 – 9pm | At the studios and online.

In this hybrid event choreographer Jean Abreu and dramaturg Guy Cools will engage in a conversation about their choreographic and dramaturgical practices their research into the physical language of loss and lament. This research is a central part of Guy Cool’s recently published book, Performing Mourning, Laments in Contemporary Art, which ID are delighted to launch on the same night.

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Week 4

Mon 20 Sep
Taster Class: Inspiral Flow Pilates with Laura Guarnera

7 – 8pm | At the studios.

Inspiral Flow Pilates allows the body to unwind, and to find a deeper connection between physical and emotional being. Classes are filled with rich imagery and evocative questions that draw you into your own physicality, providing a space to reflect on life.

For new attendees only.

Free. Book a place

Tues 21 Sep
A Taster session in Creative / Integrated Audio Description for Queer Dance Artists with Quiplash

11am – 2.30pm | Online.

In this session Quiplash will explore what it means to integrate creative audio description into dance work. Through practical exercises participants will think about how to integrate description into their work in a way that both provides access and presents a creative tone that matches and uplifts the art/performance it describes.  

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Tues 21 Sep
Autumn Moon Festival

6– 10pm | At the studios

A gathering to mark the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival and the Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. We invite you join us in raising a glass to the season and to the start of our new Co-Artistic Director’s, Annie Pui Ling Lok and Kat Bridge, time with us. We’ll be filling our courtyard with lanterns, running a simple and very reasonably priced bar, plus there’ll be tasty food boxes available for purchase from local Vietnamese styled food stall Monami Eat.

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Wed 22 Sep
Coffee Morning: Online Classes – teaching and participating, over lockdown and beyond 

10.30am – 12pm | Online.

Join Admin & Programme Assistant Rosa and Creative Contemporary teacher Laura on zoom for a group conversation on delivering and attending dance classes online. What made for the best experiences? What have the challenges been? What skills can we share with each other? What else is possible? 

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Town Square Studio

A free, shared working space. Envisioning our building and its spaces as a communal resource, a town square in which our extended communities might gather, create and connect. 

Mon 20 Sep
1– 3.30pm | Book a place
4– 6.30pm | Book a place

Sat 25 Sep
12.30 – 3pm | Book a place
3.30 – 6pm | Book a place

Week 5

Tues 28 Sep
Corali Rehearsal Sharing: Super Hot Hot Dog

3.30 – 4pm | At the studios.

Corali is proud to be creating its first ever show for family and young audiences. Set at the seaside and travelling to a deep underwater world of strange creatures and seaweed, we look forward to sharing with you key moments from our first research and development workshops. We will also discuss the planned direction of the work and make time to capture your feedback and ideas.

Free. Book a place

Wed 29 Sep
Coffee Morning: with Annie and Kat

10.30am – 12pm | Online.

A final Coffee Morning to close our Housewarming month. Join Co-Artistic Directors Annie and Kat on zoom to chat about their experiences of settling into the role over the last six months and hear about their plans for the future. 

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Wed 29 Sep
Taster Class: Adults Creative Contemporary

6.30 – 8pm | At the studios.

Develop confidence and articulacy in your dancing, through explorative, responsive and organically devised movement. In this accommodating class which takes places on Wednesday nights, Laura Doehler will lead participants to discover and create as they move, supporting personal expression and improvisation.

For new attendees only.

Free. Book a place

Thurs 30 Sep
The Fourth Choir Rehearsal Sharing 

7 – 7.30pm | At the studios.

London’s LGBT+ chamber choir hosts a rehearsal sharing. The Fourth Choir focuses on performing choral works from early music to contemporary choral masterpieces. They are currently preparing for a concert in collaboration with Deaf/hard-of-hearing musicians so you may find them learning how to sing and do BSL signing at the same time! This concert will be the Choir’s debut at Milton Court in the Barbican.

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