Image: Zoe Manders

Touching Matters Sun 16 Jan 2022, 11.30am – 5.30pm

A gathering curated by Charlotte Spencer Projects, as part of the Percolate Programme.

Why is touch so important?
Why is it so complicated? 

This gathering explores our (no doubt) complex relationships with touch and consent. There will be space for provocation, conversation, watching, listening, doing, digesting and reflecting – led by a collection of artists and practitioners from the fields of dance, performance, neuroscience, therapy and disability. 

Human touch is fundamental to human communication, bonding and health. It is our first sense to develop in utero and our primary means for the spread of compassion and empathy. We live our lives through our bodies in a deeply tactile world – constantly touching and being touched. As we emerge from 18 months where touch was banned, and with the on-going reverberations of #metoo – where touch boundaries have been repeatedly violated – we are trying to work out how to be together (again).

This is an experiment at hosting a discursive event in an experiential way so that dialogues about touch and tactility are not abstracted into solely cognitive processes, but remain firmly rooted in our bodies.

Contributors to be announced soon. 

The day will include refreshments, a vegetarian/vegan lunch and a fire in the courtyard.  

There will be a quiet space for crafting and resting.  

We would love you to come and join in the experiment with us.  

Sun 16 Jan, 11.30am – 5.30pm  

At the studios 


General: £10 
Bursary: £5
Pay-it-forward: £15  
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Touching Matters forms part of Charlotte Spencer Project’s Written in the Body – a research project with performers Dan Daw and Louise Tanoto.

Written in the Body is funded by Siobhan Davies Studios through Percolate, The Place and Wellcome Collection through a Choreodrome Commission, Bonnie Bird Choreographic Development Award 2020 and Arts Council England.

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Charlotte Spencer Projects

Our work is motivated by interests to engage with important social and ecological questions and to find ways to express those enquiries through intimate live encounters with audiences. We often make performances for unusual spaces in order to open new forms of conversation, and change how and where performances happen. Through each artistic project we strive to build community by inviting people to re-encounter their bodies and their environments through action and participation.