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Promotional image for Moving Letters with Zoë Solomons

Image: Bert Roman. Performer: Zoë Solomons.

Moving Letters : Space for Processing Climate Grief with Zoë Solomons Thu 11 Nov 2021, 1.30 - 3.30pm

Letters To the Earth is a global letter writing project that brings communities together to reflect on the climate and nature emergency. Through writing a Letter we have the chance to process and express ourselves to or on behalf of the earth. These shared voices change the global conversation.

This Moving Letters session is a guided space for the dance community to write, draw, move or just be with our earth bodies and will be facilitated by Zoë Solomons. Following the session participants may choose to share their written, drawn or filmed Moving Letter on the Letters To The Earth platform.

As movement artists we may feel we have been ‘writing’ letters for as long as we have moved. During the second week of COP26, this is an opportunity to move together with love, care and grief, and to share embodied wisdom with the global community.

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Zoë Solomons

Zoë Solomons is a mother/teacher/osteopath/artivist. She has been living in an earth body for 37 years; dancing as a means to connect to inner and outer earth body. Zoë has been involved in non-violent direct action, land based practices and artistic protest – artivism, since she was a child and has been offering regenerative spaces in for earth grief for the last 2 years. Teachers and mentors include: Sue Rickards, Hilary Kneale, Miranda Tufnell and Denise Rowe. She has a strong belief that dancers have a huge earth wisdom contribution to bring to wider society.