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Photo taken outside. A dancer seen at a distance under trees.

Laura Doehler with Exit Map: Moving On

Digital Archive: Moving On Thu 13 Oct 2022 – Fri 13 Oct 2023

A digital archive bringing together a series of audio projects created during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Created by Anne-Gaelle Thiriot, Tania Soubry and Laura Doehler, with Alice Labant, as part of Artist Archive.

Moving On is a series of audio projects conceived by 17 dance artists during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each 2-hour project featured 3-4 individual yet collectively woven voices to facilitate a weekly practice. The ambition was to instil mobility and wellbeing, moving together in parks to find physical connection and relation to nature.

“We found ourselves connected to the more-than-human and by engaging with it every week, like a ritual, it changed us, gave us strength and an outlook for a future where life and matter are more organically linked.”

The Moving On microsite includes a timeline of the project and interviews conducted between the artists which can be explored through an interactive graph.


Please note that Moving On is best navigated on a computer. Find out more about Accessing Moving On below.

Accessing Moving On

The Moving On microsite is best navigated on a computer. The graph feature does not function on iPhones or screen readers. The navigation of the timeline is also limited whilst using a screen reader.

If you would like to visit Moving On but do not have a computer, you are welcome to visit Siobhan Davies Studios to explore it using one of our laptops. You can email contact@siobhandavies.com to arrange this.

ABout the ArtistS

Exit Map

Exit Map emerged in 2004 and was founded by Laura Doehler to create dance collectively with other dancers. Since then, Exit Map’s work has incorporated theatre, photography, fashion, produced interventions and site specific work alongside staged performances, and introduced improvisation as a major tool of work that defines creative, collaborative and cross-disciplinary processes.

In 2012 Tania Soubry and Anne- Gaelle Thiriot became close associates and collaborators who became co-directors of Exit Map in 2021. Together they developed a vision of cultural, social and environmental regeneration to manifest stronger and deeper connections with people and our environment. Exit Map is a social enterprise that engages the local community and reaches out to the world community of people for movement to make a change towards a sustainable future.