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Image: Paula Puncher

NEUROLIVE | ~ snakeskin in the wild ~ Thu 9 Nov – Sat 11 Nov 2023

A new performance from Dog Kennel Hill Project, commissioned by NEUROLIVE.

~ snakeskin in the wild ~  is a new performance created by Dog Kennel Hill Project (artists Ben Ash, Heni Hale and Rachel Lopez de la Nieta), bringing their combination of formalism and anarchy to the examination of liveness and the aesthetics of science. With closely integrated artistic and scientific experiments, the performance confronts head-on the slippery task of attempting to measure liveness in the wild situation of a theatrical performance event instead of controlled lab conditions.

“Our preoccupation, when observing an object in a live situation, is that the tools used to observe something either constrain it or change it, so that we’re never observing the thing itself – what we’re observing is always that which has been shed ~ a snakeskin.”


Together with collaborating performers Siin Lee, Nathaniel Parchment and Matthias Sperling, Dog Kennel Hill Project invite you to join with them as implicit elements of this live performance state, where your experiences contribute to an unfolding of phenomena, perception, meaning, image, constructivism and so forth… ~~~

This performance is both an artistic event and part of a scientific research process. NEUROLIVE is a 5-year interdisciplinary research project bringing artists, scientists and audiences together to study what makes live experiences special. ~ snakeskin in the wild ~  is the third performance commission created as part of this research.

In the Roof Studio

Afternoon and Evening Performances

3pm or 3.30pm entry – 5.15pm

7pm or 7.30pm entry – 9.15pm

There are two entry times for each performance. Read the Booking Details section below for more information.


General: £10
Bursary: £7.50

There are two kinds of tickets available: EEG and Without EEG. Read the Booking Details section below for more information.

BSL will be provided at the evening performance on Sat 11 Nov (7.30pm). Available for Without EEG tickets only.

Dog Kennel Hill Project return to Siobhan Davies Studios in December to lead a 3-PHASE lab with Independent Dance. Find out more here.

Booking Details


Book this ticket if you would like to contribute to NEUROLIVE’s research by wearing measurement devices including EEG while you experience the performance.

What does an EEG Ticket involve?

  • You will contribute to the research by wearing an EEG (electroencephalogram) device that measures brain activity, eye movement sensor glasses that record eye movement, and a breath band that measures breathing. You will also be invited to complete questionnaires before the performance.
  • This video shows you what EEG participation looks like. Please also download the EEG info sheet here for further information.
  • On your arrival you will be set up with the measurement devices, which will take approx. 35 minutes. At the end of the performance, we will help you remove the devices, which will take approximately 10 minutes.
  • Please note that EEG devices are subject to availability, allocated on a first come first served basis. You are more likely to be guaranteed an EEG if you book the first entry time (3pm or 7pm).

Entry Times

  • 3pm (afternoon performance) / 7pm (evening performance) entry EEG Tickets – Your EEG set-up will take place in the performance space, shortly before the performance begins. Once you are set up with your measurement devices, you will be free to move around and experience the performance in different parts of the space.
  • 3.30pm / 7.30pm entry EEG Tickets – Your EEG set-up will take place in the performance space, during the start of the performance. You’ll experience different elements of the performance passing by your EEG set-up station while your set-up happens.

WithouT EEG Tickets

Book this ticket if you would like to experience the performance without wearing an EEG (electroencephalogram) brain scanning device.

What does a Without EEG Ticket involve?

Entry Times

  • The entry times for Without EEG tickets are 3:30pm for the afternoon performance and 7:30pm for the evening performance.


Artists: Ben Ash, Heni Hale and Rachel Lopez de la Nieta 

Collaborating Artists: Siin Lee, Nathaniel Parchment, Matthias Sperling

Sound design and EEG sonification: Jamie Forth

Production and lighting design: Marty Langthorne

Filmmaking and documentation: Tony Wadham

About the Artists

Dog Kennel Hill Project is a collective of artists working collaboratively and across disciplines led by Ben Ash, Heni Hale and Rachel Lopez de la Nieta. Their work is performance, dance, embodiment, choreography and lived philosophy. In collaboration and alongside selected associate artists and partners, they have developed investigative projects to specific contexts or communities including theatres, galleries, screenworks, and non-traditional or outdoor sites since 2004.


NEUROLIVE has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No. 864420 – Neurolive).


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