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Next Choreography 2020: Online Festival Sat 10 Oct – Sun 25 Oct 2020

“The work present within this festival is a vibrant, glimmering snapshot; placing human, creative processes within the heart of the digital resources each participant – with the invaluable support from Siobhan Davies Dance – has had. It is work that sings through the challenges, compromises and uncertainties this pandemic has shaped our lives with.

As you roam through the map of work, I hope you find as much joy and pause for reflection with each artistic encounter as I have had meeting, facilitating and sharing space with this generation of artists.”

Alexandrina Hemsley, Welcome message excerpt 

This year, the Next Choreography Festival takes place online, with course participants working together to create a festival website, a map of their choreographic explorations.

The annual festival is the culmination of Next Choreography 2019-20, our year-long course for young choreographers, led by choreographer Alexandrina Hemlsey and produced by Nancy May Roberts. This year, participants have also had the opportunity to work with Rebekah Ubuntu, Lucy Suggate, Siobhan Davies, Royona Mitra and Alesandra Seutin. This festival presents aspects of the creative enquiry and collaboration that has taken place on the course over the last 8 months.

The festival is free to attend and open to all.

The festival features work by:

Angelos Angelidis | Florence Aurora Woolley | Renée Bellamy | Scott Castner | Kyrin Chen | Orla Connelly | Paul Davidson Natt | Ashlinn De Schonen | Alice Minervini | Saffron Mustafa | Jessica Shead | Zoe Tankard | Alison Thomas | Nikhil Vyas | Lilli Wilkinson Chambers | Adrian Zaragoza Pino