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Promotional image for performance To Earth, by Robbie Synge and Julie Cleves.

Image: Scott Green

NottDance 2022: To Earth Wed 5 Oct – Thu 6 Oct 2022

A CONTINUOUS Touring Network performance by Julie Cleves and Robbie Synge.

Friends and collaborators Julie Cleves and Robbie Synge present To Earth, an intimate performance that invites the audience on a journey exploring friendship, cooperation, time and space.

Julie and Robbie weave together physical actions, film and simply fabricated wooden objects to reveal a personal story and offer a framework for broader conversation. Spanning over a decade, their practice is shaped by a friendship and adventurous spirit that explores where and how they are able to share time and space together.

Held as a gathering for a small audience, Julie and Robbie perform a journey at a pace that invites us all to slow down, embodying cooperation to and from the earth.

CONTINUOUS is partnership between BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art (Gateshead) and Siobhan Davies Studios. Taking dance into gallery spaces across the UK, it seeks to advance the creation, presentation and development of audiences for experimental contemporary dance within visual arts contexts.


5 October, 7pm at IC4C, Nottingham

6 October, 5.45pm at Nottingham Contemporary


General: £2