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Promotional image for the film Transparent. A pair of hands placing an image printed onto a transparent sheet over another image. The images include: a shell, a wall of a wall, the shape of a fossil, a tree branch, some people moving, a draw image of an animal, the markings of a pencil.
Transparent, Film Still
A three by five grid of square close-ups of ears, the lower halves of faces (mouths in various shapes of speaking) and flowers in various states of blooming.
‘Ears’ and ‘Birth of a Flower’ Still from All This Can Happen, courtesy of Wellcome Library, London and AP Archive British Movietone
A collage of a white-haired lady, her image is repeated, dancing through a white studio, while wearing red headphones. Black cats populate the floor around her, there are two perched on a ladder. Through a window, a person's bare torso and head can be seen running. They are also wearing red headphones.
The Running Tongue (2015) Siobhan Davies and David Hinton. Vision by Lauren Potter
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Siobhan Davies: An evening of film  Thu 19 Oct 2023, 5.45pm - 10pm 

Celebrate the filmography of our studios’ founder, Siobhan Davies.

A year after Transparent premiered at the BFI London Film Festival, we are very happy to host Siobhan Davies’ (known to her friends as Sue) complete filmography at the studios she founded in 2006.

This celebratory evening will be the first in-person event with Sue since she stepped down as Artistic Director in 2021 and marks a significant moment in the transition and re-imagining of the studios she helped instigate.

This will also be the first time that her trilogy of films – All This Can Happen, The Running Tongue and Transparent – have been presented together. The three films explore how we understand life and living through our bodies in movement. They are cinematic collages choreographed into a web of images, sounds and ideas.

Join us, and Sue, to raise a glass to an extraordinary legacy.

Screenings of All This Can Happen, and the installation of The Running Tongue will be free to view with a Drop In Ticket. A one-time screening of Transparent, followed by a Q&A with Siobhan Davies hosted by Annie Pui Ling Lok, has a paid ticket. Throughout the evening we will be running a bar.

Throughout the building


General: £10.00
Bursary: £5.00
Pay-it-forward: £15.00

Transparent and All This Can Happen will be captioned. 


Transparent, 2022 | Screening and Q&A in the Roof Studio. Paid tickets.

Times: 7.30pm 
Duration: 35 minutes + Q&A

In this autobiographical collage, Siobhan Davies unravels the processes and influences that underpin her life’s work in dance. At the same time she looks beyond herself, touching upon the histories of movement embedded in each of us. 

Credits: Siobhan Davies in collaboration with David Hinton and Hugo Glendinning. Full credits here.

The Running Tongue, 2015 | Installation. Free Drop In ticket. 

Duration: 30 minute loop

A film installation made in collaboration with 22 dance artists. This film follows a woman running through a succession of curious and ever-changing scenes. Here, in the domain of images, a dancer can fly, become the size of an insect or be in three different places at once. 

Credits: Siobhan Davies and David Hinton with scenes devised by 22 artists. Full credits here.

All This Can Happen, 2012 | Three Screenings. Free Drop In ticket.  

Times: 6.10pm, 7.30pm and 9pm 
Duration: 50 minutes. 

A film constructed entirely from archive photographs and footage from the earliest days of cinema. Based on Robert Walser’s novella ‘The Walk’ (1917), All This Can Happen follows a protagonist through as a series of small adventures and chance encounters: from idiosyncratic observations of ordinary events, towards contemplations on the comedy, heartbreak and ceaseless variety of life.

Credits: Siobhan Davies and David Hinton. Full credits here.


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