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In November 2019, we launched the second edition of our magazine, Material. 

Download and read Material, No.2

Material is a new magazine published twice a year by Siobhan Davies Dance. It aims to present and nurture critical dialogue around dance, choreography and contemporary artisic practices. Each issue emerges from the Siobhan Davies Dance programme. 

This second edition of Material concerns itself with in/visibility in contemporary artistic practice, especially dance. It consists of Movements – commissioned by texts that hinge around a particular idea or concept, and Gestures – other interventions that offer a space for pause or a shift in direction. 

Material, no. 2 was created in dialogue with Something Other (Mary Paterson, Maddy Costa and Diana Damian Martin) and includes writings by artists involved in the Siobhan Davies Dance programme; Shivaangee Agrawal, Laura Burns, Lucy Suggate, Katye Coe, Siobhan Davies, Alexandrina Hemsley, Giorgia Ohanesian Nardin, Last Yearz Interesting Negro, Elyssa Livergant and Zinzi Minott. 

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