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April 2022 | Artist Archive Selection

At the end of 2021 we launched Artist Archive and opened applications to a first Open Call. This annual programme is dedicated to the revival and rehoming of existing works, in place of the pressure to constantly innovate and increase output.

Artist Archive aims to give precedence to artists and their past works that: 

  • were unfunded or underfunded
  • had few opportunities to be presented 
  • might otherwise be lost or forgotten
  • resist the mainstream  

Read the full Open Call here.

We were so excited by the responses to this new project and to receive 116 applications. Each proposal had its own qualities and challenges, bringing into question how an archive might be imagined. Thank you to everyone who applied.

The first year of Artist Archive will present work from:

Live Archive
Kate Brown with Nicholas Ridout
Entelechy Arts
June Yuen Ting

Material Archive
Valerie Ebuwa
Jemima Hoadley in collaboration with Camilla Greenwell

Digital Archive
Corali with Mark Beldan & Claire Undy
Laura Doehler and Exit Map

About the selection process  

The task of selecting proposals was distributed amongst 9 members of the SDS team. Each application was reviewed by at least 3 people and the final selection was made by the whole team. The selectors were: Studios & Events Manager Sika, Administrators Kim Chi and Hattie, Amelia from our Front of House team, Rosa our Programme Co-ordinator, Lucia the CONTINUOUS Audience Development Co-ordinator, Content & Communications Manager Rohanne and Annie and Kat our Co-Artistic Directors. The group included those who identify as marginalised and as neurodivergent.

Initially applications that were ineligible were removed from the selection, that included those that: 

  • were not UK-based 
  • were not focused on dance as a primary practice 

In general, applications which did not progress for shortlisting included those which: 

  • did not propose to share work already created, or a historic practice  
  • emphasised the need to develop a project, rather than share something already created 
  • proposed to share a work in progress
  • would create a new set or materials without a clear reason how using extra materials would support archiving or audience experience 
  • proposed extremely recent projects or those cancelled due to COVID-19, but without a rationale as to why they should be archived  
  • did not explain or show how a movement practice, choreographic approach or movement participation was integral to the proposal  
  • did not explain why the artist felt the work should be captured as an archive 
  • appeared well supported by national presenters or institutions  
  • did not reflect budget limitations and therefore prompted questions about artist fees or viability 

Applications selected for shortlisting

  • were compelling works or practices
  • demonstrated why they should be shared and celebrated as an archive
  • reached a consensus in the team that we would fight for it to be remembered and shared more widely
  • included practices, artists or projects which are underrepresented when we think of dance and choreography
  • had the potential to be lost or temporarily tokenised
  • would likely support new and existing audiences to connect with dance and SDS as part of our vision to be in exchange with local neighbours and prioritise marginalised artists and practices
  • complemented other projects we were considering as part of the Artist Archive programme  
  • were feasible within the timeline, budget and resources offered