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March 2020 | Covid-19 Update

It’s been a week since the SDS team found itself, along with everyone else, dispersed across living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, cupboard offices and studies. In times like this, many of us need a moment to find our feet. In a recent team meeting someone likened the last week to one long Skype delay.

That being said, it’s also been a time for some swift action and renegotiation – particularly in order to support the artists with whom we work in mutual reliance, but unequal security. This situation has made that relationship more evident than ever. We’re doing what we can to listen, question and advocate. 

This week we’re taking time to think through our next steps, asking ourselves: how do we rethink our resources and staff capacity right now? We want to think carefully about our part in this, we don’t want to fill the airwaves or ask people to do things they really don’t want to do.

We’ve postponed the second call out for our Percolate programme of support for artists while we monitor the situation and gather information, details here. As we settle into the current surreal situation, we will be asking ourselves: how will and how should all this affect our changing organisation in the future?

Meanwhile, our (digital) doors remain open. If, as members of our community of artists, class attendees, audiences and watchers from a distance, you think there are ways we can help you or others then please tell us. Alternatively, if you want to talk through the situation or if you just want to say hi (as if wandering into the office from the parlour), we’re here. If we can help, we will.You can contact us at: contact@siobhandavies.com