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December 2023 | Freestylers receive funding to make a new work

Freestylers’ Sessions will be closed to the public for a little while, starting next term – but for an exciting reason, they’ve received funding to make a new work!

Congratulations to the whole Freestylers team. We can not wait to see what comes out of the rehearsal room.

In case you didn’t know, Freestylers have been running weekly sessions at our studios since early 2022. They are a team of people with a creative relationship built on care, support and trust. The team is made up of people with and without disability and together they interrogate the idea of care in the belief that it always goes both ways. Find out more at freestylers4eva.com.

“Hello everyone. We are absolutely buzzin’ to say that Freestylers have received at Arts Council grant to make a new work. We will be closed to the public for a bit so we can make a brand new masterpiece. 💪 We will be back in the summer with invites to be part of our work in progress. Massive thanks to the team at Siobhan Davies Studios who have supported us so brilliantly 🎉🎉🎉🥂🥂”

Roland Carline, Freestylers Co-Director