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Valerie Ebuwa's 'If a tree falls and no one is there to witness it…' installed on the protest wall. Valerie stands in the middle of a park, she is naked but covered bit of cardboard and white tape. She is naked, holding up one of the cardboard pieces and staring straight ahead.

Valerie Ebuwa's 'If a tree falls and no one is there to witness it…' installed at Siobhan Davies Studios. Image: Henry Gorse.

November 2022 | ValUE: a response to recent actions

Valerie Ebuwa’s Material Archive: ValUE challenges us to ask the question “What can I do to value black women more?” and encourages active participation through listening, reading, writing and personal reflection. When interacting, we expect visitors to consider the ramifications of their choices on future visitors, the artwork and the artist – and question if they are really centering the themes of the work: Black women, racial oppression and reclamation.

Some visitors to our building, however, have chosen to use the protest wall to highlight issues unconnected to these themes, which actively decentres the experience of Black women and is an acute example of the conscious or unconscious racism the exhibition is directly speaking about. In addition, someone has thoughtlessly written in ‘Hip Hop Immortals’ – a book featured in the exhibition. We’re disappointed and angry at the absolute lack of respect these actions show the exhibition and the artist.

These actions do not align with the values of our building and our communities and apologise to anyone who has been impacted. We will not tolerate further attempts to reduce the space held by the exhibition. We stand united with Valerie and thank everyone who has made thoughtful and joyous contributions so far.

Material Archive: ValUE is open until 10 Feb. Come with an open mind and take your time. Listen to Valerie’s audio guide – it’s fantastic and full of detail.