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Promotional image for NEXT Choreography. A group of NEXT participants sitting together in the Roof Studio at SDS. The image is in black and white.
Image: Gorm Ashurst
Film still from Saffron Mustafa & Renée Bellamy's 'a portal that is the time we have shared". Part of NEXT Choreography Festival 2020.
Promotional image for NEXT. Participants moving in the Roof Studio at SDS.
Image: Gorm Ashurst
Promotional image for NEXT. Two participants in performance in the corridor at SDS.
Rubie Green and Shivaangee Agarwal performing at NEXT Choreography Festival 2019. Image: Gorm Ashurst
Promotional image for NEXT. Three dancers moving together, touching each others hands in the courtyard at SDS.
Image: Gorm Ashurst
A promotional image for NEXT. A screen shot from a screen dance work.
Film still from Paul Davidson Natt's 'Be Different'. Part of Next Choreography Festival 2020.
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NEXT Choreography

Explore, test and make with others. 

NEXT Choreography is a 3-month course for people aged 16–25, with and without dance experience, who want to experiment with dance and choreography. 

About the course

Across 14 weeks, participants will work with a series of facilitators – dancers, choreographers and interdisciplinary artists – to explore and expand their creative practice. This course investigates choreography from many perspectives: from performance, visual and sound design to hybrid practices that bring dance into dialogue with activism, technology, architecture and more.   

This is a collaborative learning space – offering a chance to question, challenge and nurture ways of making dance and choreography outside of formal education. Each session will take a different form – some will involve moving and dancing, some watching, writing or talking. All sessions will involve open research, exploring the unknown and collaboration. The group will work at our studios and will also travel together on trips to performances and exhibitions. 

NEXT Choreography will be co-held by SDS’ Artistic Director Annie Pui Ling Lok and Producer Nancy May Roberts alongside experienced guest artists. Previous courses have included facilitation from: Serafine 1369, Orrow Bell, Alexandrina Hemsley, Antonija Livingstone, Alesandra Seutin, Charlotte Spencer, Lucy Suggate and Rebekah Ubuntu amongst others.

When and where

NEXT Choreography will take place from 20 September – 20 December 2022.  

Weekly sessions will take place on Tuesdays, 6pm – 8.30pm at Siobhan Davies Studios. Find out about our building here.

The group will go to see performances on 22 September, 30 October, 8 November and 10 November.

Who can take part

This course is designed for people within the approximate age bracket of 16-25.  

Whilst it is important that you have an interest in choreography – formal training in dance, movement or art is not a requirement. 

The course centres on contemporary choreographic processes but we encourage people with interests in many different dance forms and artistic disciplines to take part. 

When selecting participants, we will consider your enthusiasm, artistic interests and commitment to developing your own practice, as well as your approach to collaboration. 

Priority will be given to applicants who: 

  • do not have access to other spaces to explore their creative process  
  • are underrepresented in contemporary dance  
  • are residents of Elephant and Castle or the Borough of Southwark 


We understand that access needs are in flux and can change. We will hold accessibility as an open conversation throughout the course. Please let us know in your application if you require any support or adjustments to take part in the course.

Fees and Bursaries

Regular course fees are £200.

Full and part bursary places are available. Please tell us in your application if you require a bursary to take part in the course. Bursary places can be provided for many reasons (e.g. low income, caring responsibilities, other financial pressures etc).

How to Apply

If you want to join the course, please fill out the application form below by 12 September. 

You can complete the application part of the form in text, or you can upload a spoken audio recording. 

The application questions are: 

  • Tell us about you and your artistic interests 
  • What would you gain from the course and what would you contribute?  
  • Do you require a part or full bursary to attend NEXT Choreography, and if yes please tell us why.
  • Do you have any access needs or requests you would like to share with us at this point?

In a text application you can submit up to 200 words for each question. We suggest that audio applications be around 20 minutes in total (around 5 minutes per question). Separate files for each point can be uploaded. 

You will be notified on the status of your application by 14 September. Please note that we anticipate a high volume of applications. We are therefore unable to provide individual feedback.  

Application Support and Questions

Attend an Online Q&A about applying to NEXT

We will hold online Q&As on Tuesday 16 August and Thursday 8 September, both at 6pm – 7pm. We will talk through the course and the application process and there will be plenty of time to ask question. If you would like to submit questions in advance, you can do this during sign up.

If you need any additional support completing your application or have questions about the course, your access needs, or bursary places, please contact Nancy on nancy@siobhandavies.com. You can also phone us on 020 7091 9650, or come by our studios in person.

About Siobhan Davies Studios

At Siobhan Davies Studios (SDS) we believe in the power of dance for artistic and social change. We connect artists, neighbours and audiences through investigative, collaborative and creative activities at our Studios in South London and beyond.

SDS has been part of the contemporary dance landscape since the 1980s. Shaped by recent leadership changes, we have renewed focus on bringing marginalised voices to the fore to evolve a broader community of artists, participants, audiences and workers.

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