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NEXT Reflections | joy yaa kincaid

NEXT Reflections is a series of creative pieces (images, texts, audio works) from participants of NEXT Choreography, offering a personal insight into the course.

Applications for NEXT Choreography are currently open. Apply by Wednesday 6 September.

Edited and performed by  joy yaa kincaid

“This work is a dance based performance exploring what it means for contradicting viewpoints and needs to meet each other via movement; inspired by my own experience at NEXT Choreography 2022 of dance that enabled spaciousness for contradictions to not only coexist in the vastness of the body as opposed to the mind, but to listen to each other, disagree and to make love with one another; all of which, I believe works against hierarchy. Correspondingly in the words of Audre Lorde ‘Difference must not be merely be tolerated, but seen as a fund of necessary polarities between which our creativity can spark like a dialectic’. I hope perhaps that you may also find black feminist possibility in dance, as a practice of ‘creative’ dialogue between perspectives with no intention of seeking a winning opinion.”

About Joy

joy yaa kincaid is a multidisciplinary artist who often works with performance art and filmmaking as a medium. They are motivated by abolitionist ways of being and therefore refuse a world where love is not the centre. Always channelled with intersectionality in mind their practice aims to reflect what they believe to be grounding truths of the world, complexity, multiplicity to gender and culture and the absurdity of whiteness.