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NEXT Reflections | S-bars, Expressing Without Expectations

NEXT Reflections is a series of creative pieces (images, texts, audio works) from participants of NEXT Choreography, offering a personal insight the course. This very first one is called ‘Expressing Without Expectations’ and it’s written and performed by S-bars.

Applications for NEXT Choreography are currently open. Apply by Wednesday 6 September.

Expressing Without Expectations

Written and performed by S-bars

I was worried at the start if I would fit in 
but we all moulded perfectly 
the beautiful space 
we were in
encouraged moving out of your comfort zone 
being vulnerable together
expressing without expectation
I loved the routine of seeing the same faces
studios doors that accept you as you are
conversations we shared in shapes created around the room
and the times when we didn’t need to speak our bodies 
spoke from our heart 
you don’t need to be polished performer for this course 
you just need to be there 
you have the space and time 
to grow your ideas 
where laughter meets fear
and smiles beam from one side to the other 
I learnt so much about how I can move 
and I also learnt how to not care about finished products 
the beauty of expressing without expectation
how we found joy in the unfinished material 
the process 
inspiring people all around me 
the warmth of the ever-changing  
studio lights on us
all together 
Next Choreography
welcomes you 

About S-bars

S-bars is a Spoken Word, Movement and Drag Artist currently living in London. When S-bars is not performing they are regularly facilitating workshops across the UK. Follow them on Instagram at @sbarks_.