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NEXT Reflections | Stella Pearce

NEXT Reflections is a series of creative pieces (images, texts, audio works) from participants of NEXT Choreography, offering a personal insight into the course.

Applications for NEXT Choreography are currently open. Apply by Wednesday 6 September.

How it feels to be not ready, keep on going, take a chance, be seen, look away, take my time, pretend, hide, be together, find it hard, hold back, lose my voice, listen to someone else’s, say thank you and step out.

About Stella

Stella is an artist making paintings, puppets and performances in London. She starts a year-long residency in October that will give time and space to explore multiple mediums and ideas simultaneously; starting with clowning, dancing and stitching. Conversation is a key part of the work so please get in touch if anything catches your eye or spirit.