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Ben Ash

I am a dance artist, choreographer, and co-director of Dog Kennel Hill Project, and integrate somatic movement awareness in my clinical practice as a Craniosacral therapist. I work with people through the relational field, both within performance practice and as therapist, informing the drives and questions I have in both disciplines. As an independent performer I have collaborated with Rosemary Butcher, Charles Linehan, Rosemary Lee, Richard Alston, Siobhan Davies, Charlie Morrissey and Charlotte Spencer. I am fascinated by the clarity of focused intention and human endeavour that I perceive as revealed through the practice of ‘working with objects’, sometimes experienced as ‘tools’. They can be grasped, manipulated and given multiple purposes, yet often actually serve no utilitarian function other than concentrated activity in and of itself. I am currently exploring what is made possible through being present in relationships, by creating interactive situations and activities with materials that become frames for this.