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Jamila Johnson-Small

Jamila Johnson-Small is the 2019/20 Torchlight Artist. 

Last Yearz Interesting Negro is the performance project of London based artist and dancer, Jamila Johnson-Small who works to make choreographies that are stage/dreamspace/battleground, atmospheric landscapes created through the live unfolding of the tensions between things that produce meaning. Compositions of small dances, sculpture, electronic music, poems, video, texture and a public.

Presented across a range of venues and contexts and not too fussed about genre, the work is always a kind of world building that deals in intensities and harnesses these forces to open up or to close spaces, to understand, expose, complicate or sidestep covert structures that seek to organise bodies and our living.

Their relational, cumulative and often collaborative practice gathers and transmits information through working in various constellations under different names, with different artists and in different roles to build spaces for dancing, performance, listening and conversation, spaces that might hold the complex, multiple and contradictory, spaces that consider movement and transformation as inevitable.

All of their work is informed by their dance practice that acts as a tool for divination, decoding messages from an oracular body that are read on personal/structural/symptomatic/somatic levels. Always thinking about the metabolic - impact and exchange through/in/as movement.