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Korallia Stergides

Korallia Stergides is currently an MA Student of Fine Art Media at The Slade School Of Art, University College London and graduate of Central Saint Martins Performance Design and Practice in 2016. Her work is process led, she uses choreographic and spatial processes to interweave experimental film, objects, voice,  poetry, performance and installation creating fiction out of fragments to make playful discoveries through live and mediated spaces. Improvisations are collated into an archive; a trace of process as well as a product in its own right. Forms of hyper collage and editing act as gateways between the Macrocosm and Microcosm sieving autobiographical narrative, historical and ecological fact to create new myth. The abstraction of home is a method of organising and exploring narratives in her work.

Past collaborations include Chisenhale Gallery, ICA, Channel 4, The Natural History Museum, Arts Catalyst, London Sinfonietta Orchestra, The BFI and Siobhan Davies Dance, London. Her most recent performance, a live radio piece Deep Love On Air:Love Me Tender aired on Resonance 104.4 FM in May, 2019. Other recent performances include Deep Love Auctions:Bags Of Time at Milton Keynes Arts Center and Toynbee Studios (artsadmin) 2019. Korallia's collaborative exhibition with artist Raphael Schulenburg I'M IN THE BATH ON ALL FOURS, TOWARDS BLUE WATER (MY NOSE IS BLEEDING), I’M AN EPHEMERAL BUBBLE OF TIME WAITING TO BE POPPED is on show at Well Projects in Margate, Kent from the 7th - 23rd of June 2019. I’M IN THE BATH ON ALL FOURS (etc.) is a 3-phase visual art exhibition and interspersed series of talks,performances, workshops and screenings curated by Well Projects and artist Flora Parrott.