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Pari Naderi

Following a distinguished career in contemporary dance Pari Naderi has established herself as one of the UK’s most sought after Dance, Theatre and Performance photographers, creating images for marketing, promotions and advertising. She specialises in working within the sensitive environment of the rehearsal studio, gaining insight into the process of making and capturing revealing and intimate portraits of the creative process and the individuals within it.

In addition to this Pari has been working alongside many of the UK’s leading Dance and Theatre makers on a wide range of creative projects. She is significantly involved in Dance as an artist, teacher, mentor and facilitator of dance and photographic projects and courses.

In 2013 Pari led ’Still Moving’ at Siobhan Davies Studios, a regular project supporting photographers in finding their own approach to photographing movement.

This year saw the launch of  'The Meaning of Success, insights from Women at Cambridge’.