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Ulrike Oberlack

Dr Ulrike Oberlack’s dual expertise in art & design practice and European change management consultancy works symbiotically to bridge creative, scientific and corporate cultures.

Ulrike initiates interdisciplinary collaborations within art, design and science investigating the implications of wearable light. Her current interests lie in exploring the choreographic potential of wearable light across various media and contexts. Particularly the nature of interactions between wearable light and a range of natural and artificial light environments, ‘mass choreography’ with a multitude of participants and the contribution that sound, sensor technology and programming may make to this type of work.

Ulrike’s performance and exhibition portfolio includes the Victoria & Albert Museum, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, Tokyo Design Centre, Japan and UCITY Art Museum of Guangzhou, China. Her research has been presented at international conferences in North America, Europe and the United Kingdom.