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Primary School Programme

Siobhan Davies Studios works to advance dance and choreography. We partner with primary schools to deliver high quality experiential learning through dance.

Experience It 

Projects are delivered directly to and with students in schools. Our approach gets children up out of their chairs, excited and physically engaged in their learning. We work closely with schools to develop bespoke projects that enhance and embed students’ curriculum learning through movement and choreography. The projects develop children’s dance and choreography skills, alongside their critical thinking, speaking and listening, leadership and team work. The work supports pupils’ social, emotional and cultural development.

Extend It 

Teacher Professional Development Training gives teachers a practical understanding of how to integrate dance and choreography into everyday curriculum teaching. Through our Extend It training, teachers gain new skills to plan and facilitate high quality dance that advances pupils’ skills within the art form and physically engages children in their wider school learning. We share our accessible methodology that can be applied to all contexts. Resource packs and lesson planning documents are included.

“When I dance I learn how to put my imagination into a movement… It helps me learn how to bring out my potential, how to work as a team and how to be brave about dance”

Year 5 Pupil, Reay Primary School

“The project has had a real impact on the children’s learning about dance, and about other subjects including science and maths.  Their learning has surpassed the curriculum markers.  Now I’ve begun to teach science and maths through dance!”

Teacher, Reay Primary School

“It was honestly one of the best CPD experiences I have ever had in 10 years of teaching” 

Teacher, Birchfields Primary School

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