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CONTINUOUS Collaborations

CONTINUOUS Collaborations was a series of informal online conversations running from January to June 2023. The series marks the final year of the CONTINUOUS programme and offers a space to publicly share reflections from artists, galleries and audiences.

CONTINUOUS Collaborations aims to open up a wider conversation about the collaboration needed between artists, disciplines and venues in order to make dance happen in gallery spaces. It was designed to provide a moment sit with the work that had been done over the 4 years of the project; delving into the lessons dance in the gallery has taught us about care, collaboration, the nature of touring and how to create the right space for dance.

Visit the CONTINUOUS Website to find out about Works and Events.

Listen Again

1 | with JN Harrington, Ngozi N/A Oparah, and Dee Ajiba

27 January 2023

This first conversation was lead by CONTINUOUS touring artist J Neve Harrington and Satelliser: a dance for the gallery co-worker, Ngozi ’N/A’ Oparah. They were joined by Dee Ajiba from Turner Contemporary to reflect together on the durational performance which took place at the gallery in November 2021.

BSL Interpreters: Gemma Lehane, Jacqueline Lewis

2 | with Carol ‘Kavina’ Pound, Abdul Sabir, Roland Carline, and LJ Findlay-Walsh

21 February 2023

This second monthly conversation was led by members of the Freestylers, Carol, Sabir and Roland who received the CONTINUOUS X Unlimited commission to make Everybody With Me, Always. They spoke with Tramway Glasgow’s LJ Findlay Walsh.

BSL Interpreters: Gemma Lehane, Jacqueline Lewis

3 | with Lucy Suggate and Nancy May Roberts

1 June 2023

This third conversation was led by Dance Artist and Choreographer Lucy Suggate and Dance Producer Nancy May Roberts. They explored what different sites of practice can offer in terms of metabolising and attending to complexity with dance and the visual arts, through Lucy’s CONTINUOUS 2019 Commission ‘Spirit Compass’ and new work ‘TENDER STONES’. They discussed slow and deep time, practice as a site of cultivating agency, and the undercurrents of artists navigating cultural institutions.

4 | with Irene Aristizábal, Siobhan Davies, and the CONTINUOUS Team

6 September 2023

This final conversation was led by the CONTINUOUS Team – Sophie Brassard and Lucia Fortune-Ely – Head of Curatorial & Public Practice at BALTIC Irene Aristizábal and SDS founder Siobhan Davies. They discussed the end of the project, alongside CONTINUOUS Commission and Touring Network artists, friends, gallery curators and collaborators, including SDS Co-Artistic Directors Kat Bridge and Annie Pui Ling Lok.

BSL Interpreters: Faye Alvi, Kate Labno