Flaming Fuse
Laura Wilson

Visual Art Exhibition

Horse of a Different Colour
20 January – 26 February 2010

The title of the exhibition references a line from the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy and her companions are initially refused entry to Oz, after bargaining with the door man he remarks, “Why, that’s a horse of a different colour, come on in…” i.e. That’s a different matter entirely. In the next scene we see a horse which changes colour in every scene.
Similar to the horse, as a whole, Laura Wilson saw the exhibition as something that was constantly in flux, that the works themselves had different interpretations or viewings dependent on the set of circumstances applied.
The works presented responded to the architecture of the building and the building’s history, it drew on the function of the building both past and present and its placement in South London which is currently a hub for change and urban redevelopment.

Laura Wilson Information Sheet

Artist in Conversation: Film


Laura Wilson was born in Belfast and studied at Central Saint Martins in London. She has shown nationally and internationally, and has recently participated in research residencies at the Banff Centre in Canada and at Tokyo Wonder Site in Japan. Selected exhibitions include; Publish & be damned @ Late at Tate, Tate Modern, 2009; Brief Encounter, Wolstenholme Projects, as part of the Liverpool Biennale 2008; Scene in the Making, Nicholls & Clarke building as part of Concrete & Class, London 2008; Endgames, Truck, Canada 2007; Ename Actueel 2007: Foundation, Belgium 2007; Sixty-Seven, South London Gallery, London 2006 and Perspective 2004, Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast 2004. Forthcoming exhibitions include Subvision Festival, Hamburg, August 2009; Who’s Afraid of the Museum? Hof van Busleyden, Mechelen January 2010 and a solo exhibition at Siobhan Davies Studios in January 2010. She lives and works in London.
(Biography correct at time of exhibition, Feb 2010).