Michèle Fuirer - Between Skin and Skin There is Only Light
Michele Fuirer & Louise Sheridan

Visual Art Exhibition

Michèle Fuirer & Louise Sheridan
24 Sept – 21 Dec 2007
Bermondsey Art Group
From September 2007 the Studios had a rolling programme of work from visual artists. The work from other disciplines added to the mix of ideas and practices and brought a different energy and conversation to the building. The season began with Michèle Fuirer and Louise Sheridan from Bermondsey Art Group which is a Southwark based group of artists and is the beginning of a connection with the Café Gallery.
Michèle Fuirer
Between Skin and Skin There is Only Light was a seven minute video work by Michèle Fuirer in which gesture, repetition and the labours of the body were the key ideas. The original work was adapted to be shown in Siobhan Davies Studios.
Louise Sheridan
Louise Sheridan exhibited mixed media paintings on Nepalese Daphne bark paper. Inspirations included memories of travel, journeys and the river, fragments of a visual diary; hidden worlds with mystery; levels of existence, the transient nature of life, creation, evolution, transformation, the regeneration of nature, sex, death and humour.


Michèle Fruirer
Michèle graduated from Exeter University in 1979 with a B.A. Combined Honours in English and Fine Art. From 1980 to 1984 she worked as Assistant to the Gallery Manager, and then Touring Exhibitions Officer for the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham. During this period she also worked as an artist across both community education and art education. This developed later into the emergent profession of ‘artist educator’, working with audiences inside museums and galleries. Michèle has created projects and collaborations with a number of contemporary art galleries and museums, working with a diverse and wide ranging audience.

Michèle Fuirer was born in London where she currently lives and works.
(Biography correct, May 2011)

Louise Sheridan
Louise completed a B.A. Hons in Fine Art, Painting at Kingston Polytechnic and then a Post-Graduate Course in Paining in Cyprus, but a trip to India and Nepal for five months had a more profound effect on her work. She regularly exhibits, and sells work and has completed many successful commissions in the UK and India. She also works as an artist running workshops for special needs groups, particularly in mental health and secure settings.
(Biography correct, May 2011)