Rollercoaster. Photo by Charles Danby
Rob Smith

Visual Art Exhibition

2 February – 8 March 2009

Rollercoaster (2009) took the form of a generic theme park rollercoaster; a carriage with a front mounted camera moved steadily around the track taking an image with each short movement forward. These images were sequenced to produce a stop frame animation in which the viewer was taken speedily for a ride around the loops and dips of the rollercoaster.  The work captured snapshots of Siobhan Davies Studios and the activity of its occupants as the slow capture process of the camera reconfigures the comings and goings of the day through a time-lapse sequence displayed on an adjacent monitor.

Rob Smith extended the potential of the still image further in the poster work 3D Coaster (2009), an anaglyph rendering of the rollercoaster that springs into three-dimensions when viewed through red/blue 3d glasses.  Untitled Polaroids (2008) was a sequence of ten images captured on an island of land between the M11 and North Circular in East London taken using a hybrid pinhole/Polaroid camera.
Rob Smith also installed the work 1440frames (2008) during a rehearsal of Siobhan Davies’ new work The Collection, condensing a panoramic view of a six-hour rehearsal into a one-minute animation.

Rob Smith Information Sheet

Film: Artist in Conversation


Rob Smith (UK, 1974) graduated from the Royal Academy Schools Masters programme in Sculpture in 2002, having gained a Degree in Fine Art from Kingston University (1995-98). He has exhibited widely, including group shows at the PM Gallery & House, London (2004), Keith Talent, London (2004) and Kettles Yard (2006). He was awarded an Escalator Visual Arts award by the Arts Council East (2006-7), which led to the development and installation of the work 1440 Frames (2007) at the Foundling Museum in the exhibition RSVP (2007). He has developed a series of works such as WindScale (2007-9) and KiteSound (2006-8) that consider the role of technology and the Internet within the structure of contemporary sculpture. Forthcoming shows include, Kaleidoscopic Revolver (2009), a group show of British artists travelling to Beijing and Seoul.
(Biography correct at time of exhibition, Mar 2009)