Introduction by Siobhan Davies

Listen to choreographer Siobhan Davies talk about the genesis of the Side by Side project.

Side by Side is a residency for two artists from different disciplines investigating the act and process of making. It was initiated by the insatiably curious Siobhan Davies and developed in partnership with the Crafts Study Centre together with the artists and the team at Siobhan Davies Dance.

This project has grown out of a continued enquiry into the dialogues between dance and other art forms, which we at Siobhan Davies Dance have been championing since 2008.

Side by Side is research into how art forms grow and evolve but also an initiative directly supporting two artists in their journey as makers, who may decide to make something together in the future.

This film footage was taken by Alison Proctor during the residency. The activity was recorded as it happened, in the moment, though certain clips have been edited to highlight different thoughts and processes. Connections were often discovered in reflection.


29 May 2012


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