June, July, Aug 2012

Part One

Crafts Study Centre, Farnham
11 – 29 June 2012

The Crafts Study Centre seeks a wide variety of partners to deliver a challenging programme of exhibitions, symposia and related activities to ensure a continuing conversation about the field of craft both for a Higher Education audience as well as for the public. These developments are intended to enrich the curriculum and add value to advanced doctoral study, especially for craft practitioners.

Side by Side created a remarkable opportunity to understand the motivations for creativity in a setting that places a high value on arts research and its outcomes in creative practice, as well as stretch the boundaries of craft by engaging with contemporary dance. This innovative approach helps to challenge convention and ask pertinent questions about the role of the craft artist and performativity, and this is a dialogue of key significance to today’s makers.

To find out more more about the Crafts Study Centre, Farnham visit their website.

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Part Two

Siobhan Davies Studios, London
16 July – 3 Aug 2012

Siobhan Davies Studios is the RIBA award-winning creative space of Siobhan Davies Dance, in Elephant & Castle, south London.

Founded and led since 1988 by pioneering choreographer Siobhan Davies, Siobhan Davies Dance has evolved over the years from a touring dance company into an investigative contemporary arts organisation. The completion of our Studios in 2006 kick started an explosion of activity, liberating what we are capable of, allowing us to support the making of far more work and expand our programme of partnerships and residency projects with artists.

Exploring choreography and movement is very much at the heart of everything we do, in the work we make, both performance and film, in our exhibition, talks and events programme, and in the participatory projects we offer to the local community and beyond.

Our interaction with artists is a two way exchange of knowledge, a mutually beneficial relationship which is responsive and not prescriptive. Side by Side stems from our desire to see art forms grow in contact with one another, and to support artists in finding new avenues to make work.

For more about what we do visit www.siobhandavies.com.

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Sharings & Talks

Throughout the residency Helen Carnac and Laila Diallo shared their ongoing experiences and research at weekly sessions with a group of invited guests from the worlds of craft and dance. An informal opportunity for reflection and dialogue. Both invited guests and the public were encouraged to give feedback.


Sharing – Week 1
15 June 2012

Sharing – Week 2
22 June 2012

Sharing – Week 3
29 June 2012

Sharing – Week 4
20 July 2012

Sharing – Week 5
27 July 2012

Sharing – Week 6
3 Aug 2012

Public Talk
24 July 2012