Monday’s visit (23 July) to Helen and Laila at Siobhan Davies Studios was fascinating as they attempt to make real the connections between evolving ideas and observations, to set aside some things, go deeper with others. Suddenly it will feel like there is no time at all – the last grains in the timer slipping through more rapidly – as the residency draws to a close. How will they use that urgency?


Resistance … movement
evident from absence

only there when unseen
transient as moving shadows
impressions fading on the skin
paper gusting in the wind …

Resistance … movement
blurring boundaries

flirting with the edges
of a cadre
a frame
a space
a box…
a cell or
cells enmeshed, reverberating

Resistance … movement
judging points of contact
… of impact … of conflict

attempting, tentative
a silent semaphore
of gestures … remembered
imagined, repeated …
of marks made in space
and time
to effect … change

omit …


Stephen Boyce


25 July 2012


Stephen Boyce



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